Mission Statement

Welcome to our Community League.  Our goal is to assist the neighbourhoods of Brintnell, McConachie, Cy Becker, Quarry Ridge, Pilot Sound West, Gorman, and the rural North East to develop a sense of pride and place.  We are committed to our membership and communicating the opinions and needs of this area.

We are Committed to Fiscal Responsibility
This ensures the continuation of a strong, financially healthy community league, able to meet the needs of this community league. We will provide a broadly-based, community forum that collectively supports all community residents.

Why become a Community League Member?
In our programs we are committed to our community members and their children and will make every effort possible to have all children participate in programs and on teams in our community.

Community Leadership
By playing a proactive, leadership role in listening to the needs of residents, identifying issues and implementing positive, community-based solutions to benifit our entire community.